Origa.market is operated by Origa Technologies Private Limited (CIN: U74999MH2021PTC366771 ). Origa Technologies Private Limited provides end to end equipment solutions, for MSME’s and Healthcare, from procurement and maintenance to disposal.

Our Vision

Globally provide a single platform to meet all the equipment related requirements.

Our Mission

Organize the equipment life cycle management process for large number of smaller enterprises.
Fulfil customer requirements through prompt and trustworthy action.
Create a credible ecosystem to offer comprehensive product catalogue the world over.

Why clients love us!

Integrity and Transparency

At ORIGA, integrity is the way of life.
Our reputation is our capital. We
exhibit transparency in all our


The most important aspect of our relationship with you. We build it for long term

Simple and Easy

You choose (us and the equipment)
we deliver (your equipment and convenience)